NAIVA is online


The opening "ceremony" of the International naive art exhibition NAIVA BRATISLAVA 2020 was unconventional, just as unconventional has been this year. The NAIVA BRATISLAVA 2020 has been transformed into the online format.

We are very pleased to present at the online NAIVA BRATISLAVA 2020 superb 193 works of 69 authors from 17 countries.

NAIVA has a competitive character this year as well. It was not easy task for the jury and the organizer to choose winners from so many paintings, and to do so had
been considered as a "mission impossible" from the start. However, the main
goal has been achieved.

The GRAND PRIX was granted to a painting by the artist Barbara Józefowicz from Poland, as it represents the naive art of the current life.

Home party (acrylic, 60 cm x 50 cm)
Home party (acrylic, 60 cm x 50 cm)

The STORY AWARD was granted to the artist Svetlana Miladić from Serbia. This painting is the proof, that painted story might come beyond the canvas.

In the early morning (oil, 60 cm x 50 cm)
In the early morning (oil, 60 cm x 50 cm)

Due the coronavirus pandemy the organizer awarded this year also the SPECIAL AWARD. It belongs to Dušan Chaloupka from the Czech Republic.

Doba koronavirová (acrylic, 50 cm x 35 cm)
Doba koronavirová (acrylic, 50 cm x 35 cm)

At the online exhibition, however, it is not possible to stay face to face to artworks, but
it has other advantages. They make it possible to present a work, the presentation of which would not be easy at a standard exhibition.

Therefore, we are able to present a giant artworks and as well as the works of painters from other continents.

We invite everyone to visit the online exhibition NAIVA BRATISLAVA 2020.

You can see the whole exhibition, with all the amazing works until 31.07.2020 at

Don´t miss to visit the exhibition. Everyone has the opportunity to vote for one of the presented artworks and decide on the winner of an another important award of the
exhibition, the PUBLIC AWARD.

Online voting is possible during the exhibition, until 31 July 2020.

text: Adžana Modlitbová, foto: from NAIVA BRATISLAVA