For almost two months online exhibition NAIVA BRATISLAVA 2020 runs. The beginning of the exhibition we announced winners of three awards and we are still waiting for name of the winner of the PUBLIC AWARD. But today we introduce you an author who created sculptures and medal for our exhibition.

Awards for 2020
Awards for 2020

Graduated lawyer Dáša ČURAJOVÁ from Stupava (Slovakia) has been cooperating with ART 40 for two years. Especially for the NAIVA BRATISLAVA exhibition, she created a sculpture of "Mrs. Naiva", which we all immediately fell in love with. Equally
admirable is the whole artwork of this young creative artist.

Dáša Čurajová
Dáša Čurajová

I will start with the traditional question that always interests me: How did you begin?

During parental leave. Parental leave is a beautiful time, I enjoy time with my boys, but everyone also needs time for self-realization. Not only sports activities. I was looking for something for relax, to do something manually and creatively. I prepared various decorative items for our house. But it wasn't enough for me, so I wanted to do something myself.

And why clay?

And now I'll surprise you a little. At first, I wanted to work with porcelain. The softness and elegance of porcelain appealed to me at first sight. I had no idea how to work with him and if anyone would teach it me. When I found out that there are no courses with porcelain, I say to myself that I will try clay here ... I started in a pottery course, but first only a potter's wheel. It's a great relaxation, but you have to spin a lot and spin until nice pieces come out. Somehow I didn't have the patience. So I tried another option how I can work with clay. I find hand modeling, it has a lot of open possibilities and that fascinate me.

How did you find the idea to make ceramic pictures?

First, I started with classic items such as a bowl, soap dish. I stayed on missions for a while. I decorated the bowls with Slovak lace, which I have from my grandmother. Bowls have also worked well for me as gifts for birthdays and Christmas. When I found out that everyone in the family already has a bowl, I say to myself, and what's next. I made a ceramic painting for my boys to the children's room. And it was start.

Do you have a favorite motive or theme?

I have more. I think I'm quite open in my work. During the search for my own motive I tried a lot of things. I started with a ceramic mosaic on a wooden board. The clay is magic, you can push anything you find at home into it and very interesting pieces will be created. Then I tried more naive motifs like a bird, a flower, a tree and a house. In particular, houses dominate in my work. Abstract with stripes and engraved lines or simple with a bit of gold or copper. I think I'm still moving on two levels, abstract and naive, both of which are characterized by simplicity, timelessness and playfulness. And there is "Mrs. Naiva."

The idea for "Mrs. Naiva" was born long or how was it?

When you asked me to make a sculpture for your exhibition, it immediately occurred to me that my 2D lady from my ceramic pictures looked perfectly naive. It was only necessary to come up with a whole concept describing Slovakia and Bratislava.

And you did it perfectly!

Where is it possible to see your artworks?

In my pages on Facebook and Instagram (dasha_ceramics). I have my ceramic pictures for sale in Martin in the Moment art shop. I have a few pictures in Pension Petit in Bratislava. I also occasionally produce small souvenirs for hotels and companies. I am prepared my paintings for the International Exhibition of Naive Art in France. However, because the situation with coronavirus, this exhibition is canceled. But I am very pleased that this year I also had the opportunity to create sculptures for NAIVA BRATISLAVA 2020.

And from 04.08.2020 to 06.09.2020 you can find my artworks at Urban Market 2020 (Special edition) at the Faculty of Architecture of the Slovak University in Bratislava.

On behalf of ART 40 I thank you for "Mrs. Naiva" and for this interview.


Text: Dáša Čurajová and Adžana Modlitbová

Photo: Dáša Čurajová and her archive