Interview with Kristína Ambrišková


The patient placement of dots and lines that cover the color base, this are typical for paintings of the Slovak artist KRISTÍNA AMBRIŠKOVA. Visitors of the International Naive Art Exhibition NAIVA BRATISLAVA 2022 decided about THE PUBLIC PRIZE for this autor from east of Slovakia. And we asked about her path to the art.

How did you start, what was your imput for creation?

The beginnings were spontaneous and simple. If someone needed to draw or create something, they approached me. In this way, I began to develop my creation into art.

How do you perceive naive art?

I began more to discover this kind of art since 2014. I was attracted by the work of the Australian Aborigines. Their simplicity naive work, but also the hidden meaning - the legacy of their works. It is a technique of creating pictures and scenes by applying paint in the form of dots.

We can often see religious themes in your paintings. Where do you find inspiration for your work?

I am in the Christian community of John the Baptist, it has become my lifestyle. It brings me order, peace, love, hope and many friendships into my life. And this is the reason why Christian culture and tradition of Slovakia can also be seen in my work. I put a deeper thought and message of hope into my paintings.


Are you currently planning a solo exhibition? Where can we see your work? Online or live.

Every new project, every new exhibition is a gift for me. I don't have a solo exhibition at the moment, but you can listen to me in an interview for radio Lumen, in the show Confessions on 10.03.2019 from 44:00, or see my artworks on the Internet under my name Kristína Ambrišková.

Do you have any advice for someone who would like to try painting?

Decision is the best start. So I encourage you to paint and relax with painting.

Thanks for the interview. We wish you success in your artwork and in your life.

Photo: archive of Kristina Ambrišková