Interview with Dagmar Vávrová


From DAGMAR VÁVROVA´s paintings (artist from Moravian Highlands), we feel the simple and unique beauty of the ordinary life. The magic of these scenes was so strong for the jury that she was awarded by the GRAND PRIX of the International naive and intuitive art sxhibition NAIVA BRATISLAVA 2023. It has become a tradition that we ask awarded authors about their journey to art.

How did you start with your creation?

I have been painting since childhood, with breaks. I started to pay more attention to painting only in my retirement. I used to paint on kitchen boards, but then their dimensions started to limit me. I then tried to paint on plywood, but it was often unstable and sagged in different ways. Then I discovered paper boardes covered with canvas and they suit me. Maybe sometimes I'll try to paint on canvas.

What technique do you use?

I have always been attracted to colors, especially warm colors. That's why my pictures are very colorful. I paint with tempera, with which I like that the colors can be easily mixed and create different shades. The final version is varnish.

What about your inspiration?

My inspiration is ordinary life and ordinary people. I like to paint people during common activities - washing clothes, working in the garden, while walking in nature, while resting. I also like animals, so there are cats, dogs, birds in each of my pictures. Trees also fascinate me, my pictures cannot do without them. And of course flowers.

How do you perceive naive art?

I paint how I like it and how I can do it. I never thought that I would paint naive art. I can't do it any other way. I want to express joy of life in my pictures, sometimes I would like my piece to be funny. Visitors of the exhibitions can see if am I successful.


Have you started to exhibiting your artworks relatively recently?

Yes, I haven't had many exhibitions yet. I exhibited in Lysice on the occasion of the Jan Hruška Memorial 2022 and 2023, at Insita Prague 2022, at Naiva Bratislava 2023 and at several local exhibitions. Exhibiting and eventually selling my pictures is not the main reason why I paint. I do it mainly for myself - as relaxation, rest and perhaps as self-expression. I'm happy if you like my pictures, but if someone doesn't like them, I don't mind and it doesn't discourage me either.

Do you have any advice for those who would like to try painting?

I have met people who could not even paint (by general standards) and their pictures were simple. But I don't think it matters. If someone feels the desire to express himself through painting, let him do it. Let him enjoy creating. If he deals with it more, of course it will be worked out, but the main thing is the joy of creating. This is true not only in painting, but also in other ours activities. I wish everyone to find themselves in creation, regardless of age. You can always start.

Thanks for the interview. We wish you be successful in your work and in your life.

Photo: archive of Dagmar Vávrová