Interview with Kikka Nyrén


NAIVA BRATISLAVA brings for you an amazing interview with the artist Kikka Nyrén from Finland, the winner of the GRAND PRIX 2021.

She is the unique representative of contemporary conscious naive art; the member of Finnish Association of Naive Artists and her artworks are represented in many gallery´s collection around the world. We are very happy with this interview, and we believe you enjoy it too.

What was your path to the art?

My father was an artist, so I started drawing early, as soon as I could hold the pen in the age of one year!

So you have the direct connection to the art. And was your father your privat teacher?

My father made sure that there was always pens and drawingpapers available for me and my syster! He showed belief in our progress and skills! When I started making illustrations professionaly, he gave advice as equal artist.

We know that you visited night schools for adults and many courses to study art, keramics, plastics.

Night schools because at day time I was at work. Already my illustrations were naivistic, but at 50-years age I got the basic art studies and then found naive art my own.


How do you perceive naive art?

Naive art is close to earth, close to humans living anywhere on the planet. We have the same important things ,no matter who we are. Naive art gives us natural way to show our thoughts to others. All artists have the right to paint with their own rules.

Do you have a favorite themes and motives?

My special themes are human beings of all ages, all shapes enjoying life together with animals in the nature surrounded by trees and flowers and waters. What else as interesting could there be?

Your artworks are full of details and very often we can see the snowflakes. Do you like winter?

On yes, I really enjoy a proper winter with snow and freezing weather. But also springtime with all the promesis, warm summer and fall with yellow and red trees!

Where can we see more of your work?

My paintings will be next in the international exhibition of naive art, art brut and outsider art INSITA PRAGUE 2021. It will take place in the Lapidary Gallery in center of Prague in Czech Republic, 4.11.2021 - 3.12.2021.

Some of my works are at the moment in Finland (town of Varkaus) in Väinölä Art center, some in Israel (Tel Aviv) in Gallery of International naive art (GINA gallery). Next year my paintings are in several exhibitions in Finland, Belgium and perhaps also in other countries

And online?

I am in the Facebook and Instagram. My pages address is

Do you have any advice for a person who would like to try to paint?

Study artbooks, go to exhibitions, take basic courses of art, if possible. Use good quality in materials, brushes, canvas and colours, it makes painting easier! When you learn the basics of materials and painting technics, you´ll find it easier to paint your thoughts and feelings and stories on the canvas.

But most important is to look around and draw and paint! And when you think, you don´t succeed, paint again something else. Paint how you want, show your soul! Don´t listen to judgements, only hear suggestions, use your own colours and your own mind. I wish you courage on the path to naive arts wonderful garden, there is place for you and your own art too! Art is hard work, enjoy the work and results!

Thank you very much for interview.