Interview with Dušan Chaloupka

Dušan Chaloupka, autoportret
Dušan Chaloupka, autoportret

In the interview with the winner of the SPECIAL AWARD of the NAIVA BRATISLAVA online 2020 - Dušan Chaloupka from the Czech Republic (Boskovice), you will be convinced that it is possible to start painting and find the meaning of life in art at any time. His artworks are always full of optimism. In following text you can find out why.


What was your path to art?

In the Valley of the Kings in Egypt I was impressed by the egyptian paintings. This paintings were over three thousand years old and looked like modern art. They capture information understandable to all nations, and I wanted to try paint.I started with painting by coincidence only at the age of 75 with the support of family and acquaintances. I had doubts if it will have any value or meaning. But gradually I discovered that painting brings me pleasure and new meetings with people of similar interests, and also that people like my paintings. My first solo exhibition was in my native Boskovice in the Otakar Kubín Gallery in 2012. Another exhibition was in Brno and in Lysice castle on the occasion of my eighties birthday. From 2015 to 2018 I participated in International meetings of naive artists "In memoriam Jan Hruška" in Lysice castle organized by the Association of Friends of Naive and Amateur Art. In 2016 I was invited to "12. International art pleinair INSITA" in Slovakia in Humenné. I had a solo exhibition at the MKGallery in Brno and the Elektra Gallery in Luhačovice. Every Spring and Autumn we have collective exhibitions (Salon) within the Association for Amateur and Naive Art and the Parnas Art Association.

What does naive art mean to you?

Naive art does not show the real world. My motto: "In the world there is many problems. Naive art wants to make the world better with hope and optimism."Because the world is facing so many problems, I have decided to paint optimistic pictures and not only with a soul but with the spirit. So that when you look at it, it evokes a good mood.The International meeting of naive painters in Lysice and Humenné was a big school for me. Meetings have a unique atmosphere. It is a naive family, where you find yourself and create new strong friendships. This family can only exist thanks to people who support this activities. The naive painting is unique because is free, understandable for everyone and you can create your own imagination without the rules.

The current situation with the coronavirus inspired you to paint a picture that won the SPECIAL AWARD of the exhibition. Do you have favorite themes and motives in your artwork?

I like to paint pictures with a story. For classic photos, you have been waiting what turns out at photo. When you paint, you focus only on this activity and detach yourself from the worries (as at this time were more pronounced coronavirus). I like new topics that have not yet been processed. My most common suggestions are animals, also because they can recognize when you have a problem, animals feel with you.

Where can we see more of your artwork? Online or live.

All my artworks can be seen online on the web gallery:

Live on:

  • White Crow Brno-Komín 1.7. 2020 - 7/31/2020
  • "XIII Art naif festival" Katowice 26.6.2020 - 21.8.2020, Poland
  • "4th Biennial of Naive & Singular Art at CASTLE OF WAROUX" Belgium, 11.9. 2020 - 10/25/2020

Do you have any advice for a person who would like to try painting?

YES. The desire to paint and to say something with your artworks must come from yourself. You create your own world. So try it.



Interview was in the Czech language. Free translation into English: NAIVA BRATISLAVA